Kain Massin

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Kain Massin is a writer (predominantly of Science Fiction and Fantasy) who aspires to be a published author.

Until recently, my major success had been to achieve a better class of rejection notice. That changed this year, when one of my stories placed second in the annual Science Fiction Writers of Earth contest. As a result, I have sold that story (UNCONFIRMED SIGHTING) to Harbinger magazine. Since that sale, I've received an Honourable Mention from L Ron Hubbard's "Writers of the Future", and had my second-published story (ESCAPE FROM STALINGRAD) placed on the shortlist for the 1999 Aurealis Award for HORROR.

If anything can be learned from all that, it is this:

Never give up on writing; you will eventually find someone to share your dreams. Push back the horizons that limit you.

Below are links to samples of my work. Most are just excerpts, but you are welcome to have the rest of each story; you only need to publish them!!





Current Work