Light Ball

Using a combo of the tutorial file by Den Ivanov and a good idea from BlinkOk is how I came to this result

Make a cylinder with a radius of 0.10

Copy and paste it and rotate the copy 45 degrees.

Repeat this 2 more times and group together ( control+A )

Repeat the above method but rotate horizontally 3 times.

Insert a sphere into the stage and adjust down slightly to expose the cylinders.

Drag and drop different colors to all the cylinders and drop a flat black color to the sphere. Then apply a simple left spin to the grouped object.

( I set my colors to emit light via the materials editor )

Flash End

This is a no-brainer, but the trouble I had was that I was building this in Flash5 - it wouldn't export and ran really slow! So I went back into Flash4 ( the original tutorial .fla was written for Flash4 ) for a try and it worked fine. How weird is that?

Ok, simply replace the "li" file with the animated file you created.

e.g.  Double click the file inside the library window. Delete all the frames - insert a keyframe and then import the animated file from swift.

Then, replace the color changer library file 'licolor' with the same imported file using the same technique. Remove all the extra layers and guides etc to clear up the stage too.

Resize the image on the stage to suit and change the frame rate of the movie from the 120 fps back down to reality ~ say 15 fps. Publish with quality set at low because this seems to bog down badly with high  quality settings on my comp. If the swf below is running slow - right click the ball and switch quality settings to low.

That's it! Easy, huh?

Total file size ~ 55Kb


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